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Curro de Candela (Madrid)


tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo curro candela

The Cuban choreographer René de Cárdenas of the National Ballet of Cuba invites him to participate and join his own work Sonlar, whose premiere in Madrid had a great success. He used his stay in Cuba for further refinement in the dance; meanwhile he was getting close to Afro-Cuban rhythms and dances. On his return to Spain he danced in the Christopher Reyes Company as a guest artist and as a choreographer. At the age of 22 he premiered at the Aranjuez Casino his own flamenco show and takes it on tour in Italy. Step by step, he starts to introduce avant-garde elements and Afro-contemporary elements that give life to his new show: Afrogitano, which was premiered at the Beirut Casino. He travels frequently to America where he teaches master classes and works with different Companies. One of his last works, Mi Sangre Grita, was presented in September 2014 at the Royal Theatre Carlos III in Aranjuez. We are lucky to have him representing the best flamenco show in Madrid, Cardamomo! www.currodecandela.com



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