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Cristian Pérez (Madrid)


bailaor Cristian Pérez

Till 2011 he was part of the dancing group of Study Workshop National Ballet of Spain. From 2011 to 2012 he introduced his own choreography ‘Coffee Cantante’; danced as a soloist at ‘Ni aquí ni llet Español allá’ Show of Pepa Molina; also danced in the Company of Cecilia Gómez in ‘Cayetana,su pasión’; and went on tour to Canada to represent the ¨Don Juan¨ Show.

He uses to teach choreography courses at Flamenco Art Center and Spanish Dance, Amor de Dios and in the Conservatory of Dance Maribel Gallardo in Cádiz; he also teach choreography at the Academia Flamenquería of Moscow. In 2011 he creates different choreographies in the New National Theatre de Tokio; and in 2014 worked as a dancer and choreographer at the Company ¨Spanish Ballet¨ of Yoko Komatsubara. He also has been working with Cecilia Gomez in “Cupaima”, in various Spanish theatres, in the Latin American Festival in Bogotá and in Bolera School of Elisa Suárez. His talent was recognized on numerous occasions: Best Performance at the National Dance Competition Davalos-Fletcher Foundation (2009); Best Direction in Spanish Dance Choreography Alamo (2010); Exceptional Dancer AISGE and Jacaranda Prize by the European University (2012); First Prize Andaluz for Young Flamenco (2013); and First National Award Alegrías de la Perla de Cádiz (2014).


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