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Flamenco Madrid


Cardamomo is the only tablao with a flamenco Tablao show currently open in Madrid.

Unfortunately, other flamenco tablaos have tried it and have been forced to close again or to change the type of shows.

All the members who work at Cardamomo as well as the artists who offer their magnificent show, feel privileged to receive the support of the public in these difficult times and we thank you for choosing us … even if there was no alternative.

14 flamenco tablaos.

There are, or rather there were, about 14 flamenco tablaos in Madrid before the pandemic. We cannot be sure what the result will be when things return to normal. What there is no doubt is that they will not be as they were.

The loss of this type of cultural offer is no doubt that it will be a great detriment to the flamenco world. In them, in addition to offering shows and employing many people, many other activities have been offered to promote cultural activity that have been an impulse for this intangible heritage of humanity.

25 years +1 of shows at Cardamomo and much more.

Cardamomo, in 2021 it was 25 years + 1, although that 1 we do not count, because we did not use it.
Throughout those 25 years, in addition to the great shows with productions worthy of the best musicals on Gran Vía, Cardamomo have offered flamenco scholarships for children, singing, guitar and dance festivals, competitions, exhibitions, an online television flamenco channel, a radio program, etc. An integration soccer team was even sponsored and shows were offered in prison for mothers with children…

Lockdown in 2020.

Cardamomo was the last tablao to close in March and the first to consolidate its opening after lockdown. We had to face regulatory closures, airport and train station closures, time restrictions, regulatory changes, and even the largest snowfall in 50 years.

So the Zombies and UFOs can come, which we will close, but no one doubts that we will reopen.

Thanks to everyone who has made it possible and ¡Viva el Flamenco!


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