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Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid

EASTER WEEK – The great dancer José Maya in Cardamomo

Cardamomo has this Easter Week the privilege of receive the great dancer José Maya (Joselillo Romero).

José Maya (Joselillo Romero), is one of the few flamenco artists who get other artists nervous when share the stage. A flamenco elite dancer, at the same quality of stars like Juan Andrés Maya, Farruquito, etc.

Coming from a gypsy family of artists (painters, writers, actors) like all the great flamenco talents, he began his career at the early age of 9 years old with figures such Antonio Canales or Joaquín Grilo. As a teenager he joined the company „El Güito„. And from then he concatenate unforgettable appearances of all kinds, ranging from international flamenco tours around the world to opening concerts for artists like Marc Anthony or Beyoncé.

At Cardamomo we are enormously honored to enjoy him on our stage and to offer a unique opportunity for our guests that who knows when it will be repeated.

Do not miss it, is a must!


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